For more than thirty years, Legacy Home has been the pinnacle of luxury in quality, design, and tradition. From our early start creating handcrafted boutique accessories, to our modern day luxury bedding, pillows, and window treatments our collections keep you up to date with current trends while maintaining a level of timeless sophistication.


Our highly skilled artisans produce only the best quality designs, using state of the art production capabilities in our Virginia workrooms. In the world of global sourcing and mass production, Legacy Home maintains traditional high-end domestic manufacturing while remaining the top choice for superior craftsmanship with the finest design detailing.


Guided by an aesthetic that interprets tradition in a fresh and modern way, our design team is continuously introducing new collections with an assortment suitable for the most important surroundings in your home. With a focus on luxurious comfort, we shop the world for fine fabrics and inspired designs, to provide an exclusive effortless look.


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